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by John R. Miller


Audience of 250 students

John was fantastic last week. The kids absolutely loved him! And hereally knows how to address an audience. Thank you so much for bringing him. It is such a pleasure to have both of you working with us this year.

I look forward to seeing you on Thursday.Best,
Maureen Ross Ryan
North Andover SEPAC, NAPAC, and the coordinator of the Understanding Our Differences

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John Miller's Adventures in Handom is a joy to read. The story of the people of Handom captures the innocence of childhood, with delightful illustrations in brilliant colors. The book delivers the all-important message to kids everywhere that conquering obstacles in life depends not so much on the darkness on the outside as the love that is on the inside. All children, including those with disabilities, will find inspiration between the covers of this wonderful tale of brotherhood, devotion and perseverance.

I just wanted to share with you the impact John and his book has made on my 9 year old daughter. On Tuesday after the book signing I went home and told my daughter all about John and his book. Unfortunately, I had forgotten the book on my desk and she was very unhappy about that. As soon as I got home on Wednesday the first thing she asked for was the book. She sat down read the entire book and the background on John and was so amazed! She loved the story and couldn't believe that he drew those pictures! It lead to some great conversations about Autism and how we all have special talents. She was so excited that she took the book to school today so that she could share it with her teacher and classmates.

My preschoolers have been enjoying “Adventures in Handom” at bedtime. It’s been a welcome addition to our little home library. The boys adore the vivid colors and the fun aliens shaped like hands. John’s story is well paced and engaging — my sons love the message of redemption, and of kindness winning over all. I appreciate that the story has action and intrigue that will grow with them! This is such a fun story by a talented young man who happens to be an excellent role model for my sons.


Methuen, MA


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